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Start Your Own Pharma Franchise Company

PCD Pharma Company is a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs and small businesses who would like to start Pharma franchise company with very little investment whilst at the same time expecting a high Return on Investment (ROI). Starting a PCD Pharma company may seem simple, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Experience some bureaucratic allowances, legal formalities, having a valid drug license and few other things are required to start what is essentially the backbone of Pharmaceutical industry of India.

start pharma franchise company

Brand and consumer awareness in pharmaceutical drugs is a catching trend, hence pharmaceutical companies are exploiting this awareness to their advantage by offering quality medicines at competitive prices. Indian Pharmaceutical market is already a winner on a global scale with our pharmaceutical products being exported to many countries around the world and the trophy to propel this success goes to the top Pharma PCD Company in India.

How does a Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company survive cut throat competition?

Meeting demand and supply for high quality medicines takes lot of efforts that include having a vast and strong distribution network, rich client base, premium quality drugs that are safe, etc. Sometimes having sole distribution rights for pharmaceutical drug distribution across different states and cities of India also goes a long way.

Prerequisites for Start Pharma Franchise Company


  1. Investment

Pharma PCD Franchise Company can be started by those who cannot afford to invest large amount of money to the business. A pharma PCD company can be operated economically with very little investment which is why it carries weight age as one of the most lucrative business prospects.

  1. Pharmaceutical Experience

There is no hard and fast rule to conclude that the success of any business including a PCD Pharma Franchise business depends on the amount of sales made. However, to drive those sales numbers up, a PCD pharma franchisee should be acquainted with pharma franchise business implying pharma know how and own relavant experience to add credibility and proffer trust in clients. As per the guidelines, minimum of 2 years of experience is essential to start  Pharma Franchise Company.

  1. Pharmaceutical Drug License

Before you start a PCD pharma company, make sure you have a valid drug license for pharmaceutical drug distribution. Unless you have a Drug license, your medicine distribution may be deemed invalid and illegal by Drug authorities of India.

  1. Product Availability

It is very important to confirm with your vendor if the pharmaceutical products your pharma franchise company is going to offer shall be in continuous supply to meet the demand of population.

  1. Agreement about Monopoly rights

Mark your territory well before you venture out. Negate your chances of intrusion or getting intruded by someone else. It is better to draw up a monopoly agreement between both parties to avoid embarrassments.


This is not an exhaustive list; therefore we suggest you to refer other sources as well for an entire compilation of pharma franchise requirements which we may have missed. However, if you would like to get in touch or discuss your concerns regarding pharma Franchise Company, we are always eager to help. Give us a call at +91 8360729614

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