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Ross welt Pharma
Ross welt Pharma

Rosswelt is a swiftly growing Pharma company with just few products and continuously progressing under the able guidance of our Managing Experts. “Top Pharma franchise companies India” We are engaged in formulating high quality tablets, injections and new drugs that are DCGI Approved. We work in collaboration with GMP & WHO, as our company is having ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality manufacturing.
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Leenate Pharma

We are a leading PCD Pharmaceutical Marketing Company and an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company having a wide range of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals products & have achieved this in a very short period which shows that we are a fast growing company. Our product range is quite popular in the market, as we offer high-quality formulations of Tablets, Injections, and Capsules, Dry & Liquid syrup, Ointments, Protein powder & Soft gel capsules. All of our products are WHO-GMP Approved.

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 Baxton Pharmacia

Baxton Pharmacia is totally focused on creating business avenues through manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and making them available to our customers that generates sustainable revenues and growth of the company. Our confidence to achieve our goal is inspired by strength of our people and our infrastructure, which is committed to deliver quality products by practicing and adhering to current WHO-GMP standards. We have also got an ISO 9001-2008 certificate by fulfilling the requirements of international pharmaceutical industry standards.

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Mathis Pharma

We are a leading PCD pharmaceutical company, established in 2013 with ISO 9001-2008 certificate, having all India operations, having multiple divisions focused into all specialty & super specialty segments, as we are operating in cosmetics, ayurvedic & allopathic. Except India, we are operating in Nepal, Thailand and also trying to enter into South East Asian countries. We have entered into technical tie–up with JETT COSTMETICS a leading global player in dermatology & cosmetology. We are manufacturing & marketing high quality DCGI approved more than 200 products in all therapeutic segments and all of our products are WHO-GMP certified.

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Osbert Remedies

Obsert remedies, a highly trusted name in ayurvedic medicines. We, the GMP certified company are offering laboratory tested pharmaceuticals products including Anti-Biotic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Hemanitic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Pyretic, Muscle Relaxants, Anti-Fungal, Ayurvedic formulations, etc. We are typically engaged in offering PCD Pharma franchise opportunities to pharmaceutical specialists.

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Acekinetics Healthcare

We, the Acekinetics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. have been working for last 6 years to advance healthcare for people across the country. We entered into this field in 2009. Mr. K.S. Chauhan & Mr. Swarn Singh Acekintetics are the working directors of this company. Our company is counted in top PCD Pharma companies, as it has evolved into a diversified healthcare company that develops and markets innovative products and services. Our company markets its products in all over in India. Our staff is well qualified and highly experienced team of professionals, as they formulate quality drugs to offer best quality life saving medicines. We are involved in offering a wide range of pharmaceutical Products to our most valued clients.
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Spanix Biotech

Spanix Biotec, a well known name in pharmaceutical industry, which has created a great benchmark in a very short span of time. Here you can get high-quality medicines at very affordable price and you can also start a brilliant career by investing into PCD Pharma franchise business, as we offer number opportunities for pharmaceutical professionals who are keen to get Pharma franchise for different kinds of medicines. All of our products are WHO-GMP certified and we are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.
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450+ Products |  WHO Certified |  GMP Certified | pcd pharma companies | pharma franchise company
gd pharma
GD Pharma.

GD PHARMA is best pcd pharma franchise compnay in india. We have gained remarkable success due to the quality of offered drugs.
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We are an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company, firmly establishing our brands in each section of pharmaceutical market for sustained growth. Blair Remedies has established strong capability of providing latest high-quality life saving drug formulations & will always be one step ahead than its competitors. Blair Remedies was incorporated in 2013. Since then it has established itself as a vibrant marketing organization & now proudly is one of the leading PCD Pharma companies in India, who is offering WHO-GMP approved products.
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Segos Biocare

We, the Segos Biocare established in the year 2014, in Chandigarh (India) and now have become well renowned PCD Pharma Marketing Company, as we are offering wide range of GMP certified Products like Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsule, Pharmaceutical Syrups, Pharmaceutical, Injection etc. All of our products are WHO-GMP approved and we are also an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company. We are engaged in offering quality medicines, as our endeavors are to offer the best medicines in the market and our team works tirelessly to put their best efforts for the growth of the company.

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400+ Products |  pcd pharma companies | pharma franchise company | WHO Certified |  GMP Certified
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Unikind Pharma

Unikind Pharma is a well known brand in pharmaceutical industry, established in the year 2007, at Chandigarh, India with ISO 9001-2008 certificate. We come at top in the list of PCD Pharma franchise companies. Our extensive array entails Iron Supplements, Antispasmodic Tablets, Antimalarial Medicines, Nausea/Anti Vomiting, Orthopedic Medicines, Miscellaneous Products, Antiallergic Tablets, Anti Allergic Tablets, Anti Vertigo Medicines & many more. We also deal in medical supplements like iron, calcium & chemical compounds for processing of our all medicines and supplements. Basic ingredients for the extensive array are supplied to us by the certified vendors of the industry, as we offer WHO-GMP certified products.
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Intecare Pharma is a rapidly growing PCD and PCD Pharma franchise company in India. Being an ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certified global pharmaceutical company, we offer a vast product range consisting of tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, protein supplements and Ayurvedic products, all approved by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). Our quality products and quick service made us popular in the market and we are putting our best efforts to make this popularity stable in the market.

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350+ Products | pcd pharma companies | Top Pharma franchise companies India | pharma franchise company | WHO Certified  |  GMP Certified

Featured Pharma Manufacturers

    Rezicure Pharmaceuticals

    Rezicure Pharmaceuticals has come into existence in the year 2011 in Chandigarh and with its hard efforts and quality services, it has become a reputed company that trades and supplies Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Syrups, Ayurvedic Medicines, Dry Syrups, Ointments and many more. These pharmaceutical products are WHO-GMP certified and procured from the esteemed manufacturers who make use of the finest quality material that is approved by authorized medical institutions as per standards. Our products are widely demanded for their effective uses and ability to make the patient quickly get rid of the disease and pain. Moreover, these are standard in composition and have a long shelf life, as we are well known Pharma manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical industry.

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    Stellar Biolabs

    We, the Stellar Bio-Labs are established in year 2009 in beautiful locales of Himachal Pradesh. Our products are formulated using quality material and these are sourced from reliable and trusted manufacturers with ISO and WHO certified units. STELLAR BIOLABS has developed PCD pharmaceutical manufacturing company which has made a great benchmark within few years of quality services. We are involved in formulating, supplying and exporting large consignments of health friendly medicines for all types of general and emergency needs. We offer tablets, injections capsules, dry syrup, protein powder & energy drink, lotions, shampoos &soaps, & dental products.

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    Tablets|  Capsules |  Injection | Soft Gelatin Capsules | Syrups | Top Pharma franchise companies India | pcd pharma companies | pharma franchise company | Protein Powder And Energy Drink |
    Servo Care Lifesciences

    Servo Care Life Sciences, an ISO 9001-2008 certified pharmaceutical manufacturers engrossed in manufacturing, supplier of generic medicines, pharmaceutical products and other health care products such as cardio vascular system medicine, anti allergic tablet, gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system tablet, musculoskeletal medicine, antibiotics, anti-infective, endocrine system medicine, topical preparation solution, genito urinary medicine. For benefiting the worldwide humanity suffering from various diseases, we aim to provide our medicines in each nook and corner of the globe at reasonable prices, as we are dealing with the international markets of international markets of CIS, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Liberia & Middle East. For this purpose, we are looking for the serious and dedicated entrepreneurs, who are interested in undertaking the dealership or franchisee of our comprehensive range of medicines.

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    300+ Products | Top Pharma franchise companies India | pcd pharma companies | pharma franchise companyWHO Certified |  GMP Certified
    Cureways remedies

    Cureways Remedies is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company; aim to become a top pharmaceutical manufacturer with global-level capabilities. Here, we are offering more than 500 products covering all formulations (Tablets, Capsules, soft gelatin capsule, syrups, Injectable etc.) and covering all area of medicine. The Company is backed by a team of professional’s takes complete responsibilities & dedication in Human Health Care. The company manufactures its products in an excise free zone. We offer products on monopoly basis to our business associate nationwide. With a wide product range, we have business associates in almost every state. After years of satisfaction, trust and support of our customers, the group has established itself as strong brand in the market. We offer monopoly products in best packing with unique promotional material, as we offer PCD Pharma franchise options to the expert Pharma specialists.

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    Tablets |   Capsules| | Top Pharma franchise companies India | soft gelatine capsule | pcd pharma companies healthcare medicine | syrups | Top Pharma franchise companies India | Injectable etc

    Mediklik Pharma

    MEDIKLIK is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Pharmaceutical manufacturing company involved in manufacture and supply of wide range of pharmaceutical products. Our commitment to provide world class quality, competitive pricing and a constant urge to explore new segments and expand our product portfolio has gained us a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of medicines with world class quality products. All our Products are manufactured in WHO GMP Approved Manufacturing Facilities, equipped with the state-of-art equipment. Our Company’s wide product basket comprises of Injectable, Granules, Capsules, Tablets, Sachets, Gels and creams. We are truly committed towards manufacture and supply of finest quality medication used for the treatment of various life threatening diseases and conditions. MEDIKLIK has a robust product portfolio spread over Antibiotics, Analgesics & Antipyretics and others. We welcome pharmaceutical specialists who want to enter into Pharma franchise business to make bright career.

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    Duken Pharmaceuticals well established Pharma manufacturer came into existence in the year of 2011 in Chandigarh. We are a leading Pharmaceutical Marketing Company with ISO 9001-2008 certification and having a wide range of Pharmaceutical products & have achieved this in a very short period which shows that we are a fast growing company. Our product range includes, Tablets, Injections, Capsules, Dry & Liquid syrup, Ointments, Protein powder, Energy drink & Soft gel capsules. All of our products are WHO-GMP Approved. Our aim is to offer quality products in the market and this is the reason we have made a good reputation in the market, as the best Pharma manufacturer.

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    Tablets |   Injections  |  Capsules | Dry & Liquid syrup | Top Pharma franchise companies India | Ointments | Protein powder | Top Pharma franchise companies India | Energy drink | Soft gel capsules

    Featured Speciality Range Franchisers

    Biomax Biotechincs

    Biomax Biotechnics is fully engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations for Analgesics, Antibiotic & Anti-Infective, Anti-viral, & Anti Allergic, Antipsychotic Drugs and more. The New molecules of our product range of BBPL are approved from DCGI. We are mainly focused to provide quality drugs and this is the reason we have created a niche for us across markets. We are a preferred name in the industry because of our business practices are purely ethical and we are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with 50+ DCGI approved products. We also provide 3rd party manufacturing facility with smart logistics and on time delivery.

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    Tablets|  Capsules |  Syrups  | Liquids | Top Pharma franchise companies India | Injectables | pharma pcd franchise | pharma pcd company | Sachets | Drops | Oils |
    Alna biotech.Pvt.Ltd

    ALNA Biotech, the best Pharma manufacturer is providing a platform for the creation of dreams, aspirations, courage and one vision. We are growing the market in a way that we could give back our best output, as it has evolved over the years with compassion running into its essence. With transparency running in its system, it values commitment which is set to come from a disciplined momentum of life gained from the freedom of mind. ALNA strongly believes in creating value for its people, society and its esteemed customers. Committed to making life safer, ALNA BIOTECH PVT LTD. is an ISO certified company, engaged in manufacturing of effective Pharmaceutical products, Backed by an extensive experience, coupled with sophisticated Pharma professionals and skilled team, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the Pharmaceutical industry, globally.

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    Analgesic | Anti-Inflammatory | Anti-pyrtigo | Antibiotic | Antifungal | Anti-Infective |Gatro | Hepato | Diabetic |Cardic | Nutraceuticals | Multivitamins | Mult-Minerals | Anti-Oxidant | Suppliments | Orthopedic | pcd pharma companies | pharma franchise company | Topical Preparation |  Top Pharma franchise companies India | Anti-Allergic | Anticold | Respiratory | Nasal Drops | Neurology | Injectables | Oral Liquids | Ayurvedic Products
    Ciaga Pharma

    Ciaga Pharma, an ISO 9001-2008 certified leading PCD pharmaceutical company deals in WHO-GMP certified dermatology products, as we mainly deal in dermatology section of Pharma industry. We welcome Pharma specialists to offer PCD Pharma franchise options, as looking for Dealers & Franchisees all over the India. We are backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure that assists us in formulating a highly effective range. All the products are stored at our germ-free and spacious warehouse. In addition, we also undertake fool-proof packaging for our range of medicines to ensure that the consignment reaches clients in appropriate condition. Our prime objective is to take the lead in creating patient-centered-care in the integrated health system.

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    300+ Products |  pcd pharma companies | pharma franchise companyWHO Certified  |  Top Pharma franchise companies India | GMP Certified
    Wisefemy Pvt.Ltd.

    Wise Femy ( A Division of A.B.P.L.) is an ISO & GMP certified company, engaged in marketing of Gynae Products. We are dealing in this industry as the speciality franchisers of gynae products. Our main focus is to offer quality products to our customers so that we could be able to increase the sustainability in the pharmaceutical market. Wise Femy is also known as the best PCD Pharma Company for speciality range of products, as we welcome Pharma specialists and give them chance to grow in this industry with a cutting edge career. We offer full monopoly rights to make you able to run this Pharma franchise business without any obstacle.

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