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Set up Your PCD Pharma Business with Best Pharma Franchise Company in Mumbai

Finding it hard to choose the best pharma franchise company? Not anymore, if you look in the right place which is the one and only We list some of the best Mumbai based PCD Pharma Companies in Maharashtra and our portal is home to the top PCD pharma companies list in Mumbai. The pharma franchise sector is at an all-time high and sprouting in the metropolitan cities of India which is why Mumbai is an upcoming pharma destination for many pharma companies.

best pharma franchise company

Due to liberal government policies aimed at improving trade, both the foreign and domestic players choose to set up their franchise medicine company in India. The benefits are two-way. The Pharmaceutical industry in India has some best minds working for it that are responsible for breakthrough inventions. The ongoing R & D is on par with the international standards and earned the Indian pharmaceutical industry all the credit it deserves.

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Why Choose a Best Pharma Franchise Company in Mumbai?

The city of Mumbai is a huge financial and pharma hub, therefore, ideal for the best franchise medicine company in India. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and a financial hub where all the major financial institutions are based. The city is as much a commercial capital as it is a residential haven. Therefore, entrepreneurs wanting to make it big choose Mumbai where they feel all their dreams would come true. Investments in the pharma sector are secure and the perfect start to a successful career. Thus, investors looking for quick and easy returns must choose from among Mumbai based PCD pharma companies.

Salient Features of the Pharma Franchise Company in Mumbai

A leading pharma franchise company in Mumbai follow the PCD pharma business model. By adopting the PCD model, the companies on PCD pharma companies list in Mumbai agree to use the services of pharma franchise distributors for the company’s brand and product promotion. The pharma companies attract pharma PCD distributors by offering them sound pharma franchise opportunities to individuals with or without a pharma background. A good pharma franchise company in Mumbai serves it clients better by engaging with them, making their business process as transparent as possible and following ethical business practices.

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Some other features of a good pharma franchise company in Mumbai are:

  • Mumbai based PCD pharma companies choose their pharma manufacturers carefully. They only do business with WHO, GMP, ISO certified manufacturing companies with the best quality products.
  • The top pharma franchise company in Mumbai maintains its high standards with the safe, effective, and timely delivery of pharma products to its distributors.
  • The pharma companies arm their pharma distributors with the necessary marketing material and ensure the distributors get motivation through regular bonuses and incentives.
  • Pharma PCD distributors working for the best pharma franchise company in Mumbai enjoy monopoly-based Propaganda cum distribution activities in their region.


Looking for the PCD pharma companies list in Mumbai? Don’t shy, give us a call at +919888885364 to learn pharma franchise opportunities available from Mumbai based PCD pharma companies.

How to Get Monopoly Rights with Pharma Companies in India

Starting a new pharmaceutical business requires diligent research and planning to ensure a successful business that has scope for growth. Starting a PCD pharma franchise for a leading pharma company is an opportunity that promises great Return on Investment and a chance to expand beyond domestic territory. The icing on the cake is if you get franchise rights from monopoly pharma companies in the area you wish to operate in.

The trend is not new but has generated more attention in recent years partly due to India’s predominant role as a global medicine manufacturer & supplier and partly due to the fact that this business needs very little investment but holds potential for great returns.

To some extent, the onus for pharma sector growth also lies with the government’s liberal policies for the pharmaceutical sector that encourages the supply of quality yet affordable medicines to people of all sections around the country.

Monopoly Pharma Companies

Monopoly Pharma Companies in India

Many small and large pharmaceutical companies offer monopoly rights for medicine propaganda and distribution in a distributor’s allotted area. Such monopoly pharma companies are plenty but finding the right one is a sure way towards unparalleled profit and growth.

To get PCD distribution rights on a monopoly basis requires a distributor to apply to a pharma company for marketing and distribution rights in its area of operation. By signing an agreement, the distributor reserves monopoly rights for pharma PCD of all or few products associated with the pharma franchise company in that area.  This implies that the pharma franchise company cannot hire any other distributor for those products in the same area relying entirely on one franchise (distributor) for business sales.

Advantages of PCD Pharma Model

  • The capital investment required is low
  • No sales targets for distributors
  • Minimum batch orders possible
  • Wide State-wise and district-wise reach supported by strong transportation and delivery network
  • The highest quality products that are DCGI approved and manufactured in WHO, ISO, GMP, GLP certified facilities
  • A rich customer base

If you feel the need for more information, do not hesitate to drop a word. Know more about monopoly pharma companies in India at +91 9888885364.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Pharma Franchise Company

If you are planning to get into the pharma business you may be better off with a pharma franchise. You do have the option of opening a drug store and store different drugs manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. Nevertheless, if you do so you would be representing various pharmaceutical brands rather than an exclusive brand. You would rarely get any promotional material for increasing your sales. Alternatively, if you go for a Pharma Franchise Company, you may get a lot of help in selling the drugs. In fact there are several benefits of partnering with such companies.

pharma franchise company

Want to Start Pharma Franchise Company | Top Pharma Pcd Company Franchise |

Benefits of associating with Pharma Franchise Companies

  • Highest selling medicine

Most of these Pharma Franchise Companies sell only those medicines which have the highest sales volume. So you would store medicines like a wide range of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicines and ointments, analgesic medicines, medicines prescribed for gastrointestinal problems like antacids, expectorants and anti-tussive medicines, nutritional supplements, a range of allergy medicines etc. This ensures that your stock is exhausted in less time. In comparison, if you are an independent retailer or distributor, you should not expect to exhaust the stock in such short time.

  • Promotional help

The company would also help you to market your products. They use material such as visual advertisements, banners, posters, and danglers, product glossary and cards, writing pads and diaries, advertisements in newspapers, bags, t-shirts, reminder cards etc. While the ads will be placed by the Pharma Franchise Company, you would be supplied with the other promotional material. You have the wherewithal to impress your clients with materials like T-shirts, product glossary, bags etc. These materials can create an impression on the client and make him or her visit your franchisee shop again.

  • Live inventory and transaction feeds

Many of these franchisee companies have their own android or other apps. With the help of these apps you can transact your business and manage your inventory with live feeds. So you are never running out of medicines.

Things that you need to look for in Pharma Franchise Companies before entering into a contract
  • Reliability

A Pharma Franchise Company needs to be properly certified in order to win the trust of patients. WHO and GMP are the two certificates that people look for. Although, many patients have the least idea about WHO and GMP certification, there are some patients who insist on these. So make sure that the Franchise Company possesses all these certificates.

  • Procurement of medicine

Since most of these companies don’t manufacture their own medicine, it is necessary that they procure their medicines from WHO & GMP certified drug makers. This is to make sure that patients can rely upon the medicines sold by a Pharma Franchise Company. So make sure that the process of procurement of medicine is completely transparent.

  • ISO certification

Also look for proper ISO certification. There is a ISO certification for manufacturing of medicines and also a ISO certification for distribution of medicines. So make sure that the Pharma Franchise Company possesses the required certification for manufacturing and/or distribution of medicines.

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